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Our Vision

Public transport, including walking and cycling, provides access for many in our communities to jobs, education, healthcare and to one another. It is essential infrastructure in urban environments, and crucial for mitigating climate change, and enhancing social and economic equity. Our current transport systems favours cars over communities, and exacerbate social, economic and environmental inequity. Everyone should be able to move safely around our communities, no matter who they are, or where they live.

For workers, these efforts need to be moving toward a just transition, by emphasising the need for mode shift out of cars and toward public transport. The rights of those who work in the transport sector, including manufacturers, mechanics, operators and drivers need to be protected. 

Those who are the most impacted by transport disadvantage should have the most say in how we redesign things. Transport Equity week is a dedicated week of action for groups across Australia to demonstrate the changes that they want to see as we move toward a more sustainable and equitable transport future. 

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Our Top Priorities


Inclusive Transport

Our transport systems should be safe, accessible, sustainable, reliable, and affordable for all, regardless of socioeconomic status, race, gender, ability, age, religion or sexuality.

Funding Commitments

We want our governments to commit to investing 50% of their transport budgets to public transport, and 20% to active transport, to bring Australia’s transport system up to world class standards.


Ensuring that all public transport is 100% accessible for people with disabilities, elderly people and any person with mobility issues so that our opportunities for participation in society are equitable and just.

A Just Transition for Workers

Let’s protect the safety and security of transport workers, including making sure they are paid at least minimum wage, have good work conditions, entitlements and respect and care in the workplace.

Proper Consultation

Communities should be kept informed of transport changes across all modes (including maintenance), and have our needs incorporated in transport planning processeses, to encourage uptake in active and public transport use.

Electrified Transport

Rapidly transitioning to electric buses and reform of bus networks to increase access to public transport in the immediate term while other modes of public transport like trams and trains are built.


Upcoming Events



Transport Equity Week




Rally for accessible tram stops – Launch of Transport Equity Week

The Sydney Rd Accessible Transport Campaign are holding a rally against the lack of accessible tram stops on Sydney Rd  More Details



Sustainable Cities Transport Equity Week webinar

The Sustainable Cities collective will host a webinar with key speakers to talk about Transport Equity – Featuring Bakari Height, Ograniser of Transit Equity Day in the U.S   More Details to come

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Transportation is the centre of the world. It is the glue of our daily lives. When it goes well, we don’t see it. When it goes wrong, it negatively colours our day, makes us feel angry and curtails our possibilities. 

Robin Chase

Our Partners 

  • Transport Equity Australia
  • Friends of the Earth Melbourne
  • Sustainable Cities
  • Sydney Rd Accessible Tram Stops Campaign
  • Disability Resources Centre
  • Living Streets Canberra
  • Sweltering Cities
  • Better Streets For Australia

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