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Everyone Deserves Access to safe, affordable and accessible transport

Our Story

We are a coalition of community members, civil society groups, environmental justice organisations, disability advocates, and more who are all fighting for a more equitable transport future for Australia.

One where everyone has access to public and active transport that enables us to move safely and freely around our communities.

We want a future for transport that will not entrench social disadvanrage and climate change.



A coordinated integrated social-infrastructure response to Transport Equity is needed.

Transport Equity is fundamental to advance wide-spread social equity outcomes, long term budget repair, and cross-department cross-jurisdiction social and environmental benefits. This includes:

-Equity of Access to Services, Health, and Wellbeing

-Equity of Participation in Community and Social Inclusion

-Equity of Access to Education, Economic Participation and Opportunity

-Creation of car-free electric-vehicle infrastructure addressing the third largest and fastest growing source of emissions in a climate crisis.

Where did it all begin? 

Transit Equity Day in the U.S 

In February 2018 the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) and the Labor Network For Sustainability partenered to launch Tranist Equity Day, on February 4th, the birthday of famous civil and transit rights activis Rosa Parks.

Since its launch, Transit Equity Day has grown each year. In 2022, there were nearly 50 events across the U.S and a social media explosion that brought attention to transit equity beyond just the participating locations (including in Australia!). Just as important, a Transit Equity Network emerged through the process.

This is the vision we have for Australia, a network of local civil society and acitivst groups, fighting together to demand a more equitabel transport future!

Find out more about them here 

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