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Organising Toolkit

During the week of September 17-23rd, we are coordinating with local groups, organisations, unions and others to hold or participate in actions to demonstrate how our broken transport system is affecting people’s everyday lives. Local groups can develop asks that represent their own needs, directed toward local, state or federal governments to demand changes that will increase equitable transport outcomes, lower emissions and lead us into a more equitable and climate just future. Here is a toolkit with some tips on organising an action!

How to organise an action

Each local action will shape up differently, depending on the needs of the community. A local advocacy group could petition council for a bike path or pedestrian crossing in a particular area, or organise a rally demanding that the state government improve bus services. Some may be held by drivers at their workplaces to demand better working conditions, or perhaps to demonstrate the lack of bus stop infrastructure leaving people waiting in the sweltering heat or biting cold. Whatever it is, think about the local context in your community, and who is being affected by it, and what needs to change. 

Start by reaching out to people in your community who are most impacted by transport disadvantage, and find out what is needed to change the system, and improve people’s access to essential services. 

Actions can range in size, and will depend on what you/ your group have capacity for. The working group will be here for support and to answer any questions.

Sustainable Cities Rally for Bus Reform on the steps of Victorian Parliament – May 2023

Looking at other actions for ideas

This is the first ever Transport Equity Week in Australia! So while there are no examples of actions done for this particular event, here are some examples of actions from Transit Equity Day in the U.S, as well as local actions undertaken by groups in Australia who are already working toward transport equity. 

In the US: 

  • Buffalo Snow Shovel by We are Women Warriors, Buffalo Transit Riders United, the Coalition for Economic Justice and the Buffalo Mutual Aid Network.

In Australia:

  • ‘Bus Marathons by Friends of the Earth Melbourne’s Sustainable Cities collective and Point Cook Action Group (Melbourne) 

Join our mission to achieve safe, affordable, and accessible transport for everyone by taking part in an action this week!


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